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The Abandoned Rainbow Mansion of Nashville

Welcome to the abandoned side of Nashville! This mansion has been visited by many explorers and while I was there some French explorers were checking out the house. Let's explore this place together!



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Getting In

To get into this place we had to trek through a massive field of overgrown grass. It was quite warm outside, but I had to wear long sleeves and pants, because of the possibility of picking up ticks.

When we finally got to the back gate of the mansion's property and saw the pool area, I knew this would be quite the exploration. I mean, look at this place!

I had my lovely partner take some photos for me so I could promote my Exploration merch, which you can get in the SHOP.

I stepped around the pool and wanted to take some dangling feet shots before going inside. I love these types of photos so much!


I think we can all agree on a nickname for this house, The Rainbow Mansion, thanks to the ceiling paint in some of the rooms, including the kitchen and master bedroom. Another explorer that visited made the bed for us, which was a nice touch!