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How To Explore Abandoned Buildings

I am so proud to introduce to you, my second book, How To Explore Abandoned Buildings! This is a collection of 50 illustrated photographs that I took over the past several years. I teamed up with Mr. Sketch, an illustrator from Portugal, to bring these 50 tips to life!

This book is dedicated to my fellow urban explorers. Those that respect our beloved decaying buildings, those who take only amazing pictures and leave only footprints. This book is a guide to urban exploration, both for novice explorers, as well as those that have been exploring for years. I’m sure you will find something helpful in this book that you had not previously thought of.

Together, myself, K Enagonio, and Mr. Sketch, have teamed up to bring you some amazing photography and drawings to depict each tip. Enjoy, and remember, LEAVE NO TRACE!

About the illustrator:

My name is Francisco, I am 27 years old and I am from Portugal.

The art of drawing has been a part of my life since I can remember.

I have been a freelance artist since I was a teen... I just threw myself into all kinds of projects...I created logos for metal bands, album

covers, spray paintings for house decoration and drawing portraits... But I never really had the chance to do what I really love... Creating my own characters and my own


I love to explore abandoned places and imagining all the storys that those places can tell, and I use that inspiration to create my own

stories too...

I only discovered that urbex was a big thing on social media in 2020... There are so many beautiful and unique profiles out there so I had to bring something different to the game...

I started to incorporate my drawings into my urbex photography and by doing this I

created my own way of telling my little horror stories...

The feed back was amazing, so many fan love messages and so many urbex

photographers asking me to make my art on their pictures...

I have collaborated with more than 200 photographers in 2 years and I am thankful for having this idea...

It has been a blast working with K on this amazing project...

A book to help all the urban explorers out there... Pros and beginners...

A book full with tips and all kinds of illustrations... This is the most ambitious

collaboration I have done so far and I hope that all the hard work I have put into this book makes the readers have fun while learning some precious tips about urban


Every photo in this book was taken by me. I have had the amazing

opportunity to hop around the world to explore some of the coolest abandoned places and I’m just getting started! There will be another book like this coming out in the future, so keep an eye out for that.

Each one of these images was curated from my archive of images that I’ve snapped over the past several years of exploring abandoned

places. Many of them have fallen further into disrepair, been

demolished, and some have been ruthlessly burned down.

I’m extremely grateful to those that have let me explore alongside them, those who offered tips that are now in this book, and to everyone who has supported my art throughout the years.

Until next time, Stay Strong, Keep Enduring, go out, go explore

something, and remember, LEAVE NO TRACE!

Additionally, I've got tons of cool merch items that will go perfectly with your new book! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @no.tracers and listen to the No Tracers podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

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