The Best Gear for Urban Exploring in 2021

So you want to get into urban exploration, but you don't know what gear to get? Well, after five years of exploring abandoned places around the world, I've compiled a list of the top gear that I think will help you on your next exploration!

Watch the video:


The most important thing you need before you step into an abandoned building is a mask or a respirator, depending on the type of building and the state of decay it's in. The reason you need a respirator is because you've got to protect your lungs from the asbestos that sits in these buildings.

I highly recommend you pick up an M3 respirator:

The next thing I recommend is that you get a video light with a hotshoe attachment for your camera. This one is a VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+ LED Video Light and it's absolutely magnificent. It attaches to your camera hotshoe mount and will light up any room you're in. It will help you capture long exposures or film yourself while you're in these buildings.


The next thing that you'll want is a bag and this is my favorite bag that I've used for three years now. It's a PRVKE 21Liter bag and this bag holds everything I need! Camera, lenses, drone, batteries, and more!


If you're like me and you climb fences a lot, you'll want a pair of tactical gloves to protect your hands, and to keep them from getting dirty. The last thing you want is a cut from a barbed wire fence and a case of tetanus.

Tactical Gloves:

Obviously you'll want a dope camera to bring to capture your content and I am currently shooting on a Sony A7Sii Mirrorless camera. I've been using this body since 2017 and it's the best camera I've ever had. I highly recommend it and if you shoot photo and video it's the perfect camera to get. The low light settings on this bad boy are insane and you'll get so much out of it.


Next, you'll want to pick up a gopro if you like those sick POV videos that you see on my YouTube Channel, like this one:

Gopro Hero 8:

With your GoPro you'll also want to pick up a Chesty, chest mount for it, so you can stay hands free on your adventures, while still capturing that epic 4K content!


If you want to get some stellar smoke shots in these abandoned buildings, I'd pick up some smokes from Smoke Effect. Their products are magical and I love using them any time I go into a bando. Note: they are flammable, so be extra cautious when using them!

Smoke Bombs:

The last thing you'll want is a pair of hiking boots to protect your feet from nails and other obstacles you may face. I'm recommending some Timbs, because they're sturdy, comfortable, and affordable.

Hiking Boots:

That's it for my 2021 gear list! If you guys have any questions or recommendations, please drop a comment down below for me! Happy exploring and remember, LEAVE NO TRACE!

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