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Abandoned Underground Military Base

Welcome to the Underground Military Base

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This exploration was quite intense, because it was pitch black inside this facility and extremely dangerous, which is kind of what we live for! Getting in was quite simple. All we had to do was slide underneath the metal bars and we were in. The hardest part was finding the place, to be honest, but we had a pretty good idea where it was. It's all about networking and doing your research ahead of time.

I explored this place with Urbex_Offlimits

There are six of these facilities hidden beneath Colorado and they were designed for the Titan 1 intercontinental ballistic missiles. These 98-foot tall missiles were designed to deliver nuclear warheads to their targets. Shut down in 1965, these missile silos have been lying dormant ever since, only to be explored by a brave few. As we approached the entrance all we could hear was the loud hum of the powerlines overhead.



Upon entering this underground military base, the first thing we stumbled upon seemed to be the main dome room that connected all of the passageways together. It was in the center of the complex and it was massive. It was so dark in this facility that we basically only did long exposure photography. Thankfully, Urbex_Offlimits and I are quite experienced with this type of photography, so we were able to get a ton of really cool pictures. Urbex_Offlimits did go further in than I did, and spent another hour capturing the guts of this place, so be sure to go check out his instagram and YouTube channel for more content.

Most of the metal grates that cover the "floor" have been removed, which only added to the danger of this exploration. If you aren't paying attention, you will surely fall to your death.

Most of the content from this exploration was captured on my GoPro hero 8, so if you want to see more of what this place looks like, check out the YouTube video linked above.


There's a feeling I sometimes get in abandoned places that I like to call "the darkness;" it's basically that spooky feeling that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and when I tell you that I felt it in this place, I mean that I REALLY felt it here. When we went down to the bottom section and I walked through a massive metal door I instantly felt someone was watching me in the dark..I hate that feeling. I only get it in old abandoned places and this was terrifying. When Urbex_Offlimits joined me down there I told him I felt it and he immediately nodded his head and said that he felt it too. What a strange feeling it is. Have you ever felt The Darkness?

This place was full of contaminated water, full of rust residue and oil, giving it an orange hue with oil slick on top. There's a strong industrial smell in the air and it probably contains dangerous particles, so wearing a mask here was a must. Due to COVID we were already masking up, but as urban explorers, we typically wear masks when we enter these locations.

Once we started exploring the tunnels I kept feeling that uneasy feeling so throughout the video above you might notice that I turn around to look behind me quite a bit. I was so uncomfortable down there and, of course, we didn't have any cell reception, so it wasn't like we could call for help if anything happened to us. That was probably the scariest part..aside from when Urbex_offlimits left me behind to keep exploring the guts of this complex. I didn't trust my balance enough to continue going deeper into the facility, because we had to scale across metal beams that were over that gross rust water I mentioned earlier, and I had a heavy bag with me. Urbex_Offlimits travels light when he explores, which is something I need to consider in the future. Having a big bag is nice for gear, but it's not easy to maneuver around with a full pack.


After an hour of standing in the dark, alone, I started shivering from the cold. I didn't bring a jacket in with me, which was a huge mistake, as it was cold enough for us to see our breath. I should've checked the temperature with my phone, but I didn't really think about it, because I was shaking so much. When we went down into the base it was about 93 degrees F on the surface and when we came out a snow storm was blowing in. It was very eerie and I felt like we were in The Hills Have Eyes.

What a spooky place!

*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.

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