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The Abandoned Military School (Uniforms Left Behind)

Welcome to No Tracers! In this post we climb into an abandoned military style school where the uniforms were left behind!



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Getting In

To get into this abandoned military school we actually had to climb up a stack of tires so we could climb through the side of the building..When we left we actually found an open door..which is always the most ridiculous feeling, especially after the crazy athletic feats we often have to do to get into these places.


This place was massive and we only had a short time to explore it, because we had to go film and take photos of some graffiti artists, but we covered almost ever crevasse of this school. From a massive theatre to a pool and even a shooting range, this academy had it all!

Fun fact: this pool is actually the same pool that they filmed the Pop, Lock, and Drop it music video in.


This section of the blog is where I share my favorite parts of the building with you. Check out the basement and the way the light rays came through the ceiling.

In the basement we found old school uniforms, shoes, pants, and yearbooks! It was wild to see all of this still mostly intact.

Rusty lockers, no thanks!

This is the "money shot" that everyone gets when they come here. Boy, I'd love to see this place in the winter, covered in snow! It must be a treat!


Getting out was just as difficult to get in. Trying to be stealthy while climbing down a pile of tires is no easy feat, especially with four people, but we managed and strolled on out like nothing happened.

*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.

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