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Exploring The Abandoned Side of Detroit

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Welcome to the abandoned side of Detroit. I had the opportunity to go there recently to film a boxing fight in an abandoned gym; the first event of its kind in the urbex community. While in Detroit I got to explore some amazing places. Enjoy this post!


This abandoned hotel is a super well known abandoned location and I have heard many stories about it. I was stoked to explore this entire building, but after about thirty minutes we discovered that the only stairwell has been barricaded, keeping us from exploring anywhere past the first floor. We didn't want to risk getting injured, caught, or getting bed bugs from the furniture that was stuffed in the stairwell, so we bailed.

That being said, it was a breeze to get in and, surprisingly, it was snowing when we entered. There's something so magical about snow coming through the roof of an abandoned building and falling slowly to the ground, leaving a beautiful white blanket on the decaying floor.



This church has been nicknamed Curvy because of the beautiful curve from the upstairs balcony area. It's such an iconic location that I've been wanting to check off my bucketlist forever. This spot is just off the main road and for some reason there isn't any graffiti in the entire place. It's absolutely stunning and I'd give just about anything to restore it or or turn it into a concert venue.


Here's the music video we filmed at this location, it's for a cover of an A Day To Remember song called Miracle.


This school has since been partially burned down and it absolutely breaks my heart. I hate that there are people out there that are trying to destroy these beautiful places.

*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.

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