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My Most Dangerous Urban Exploration

Today I wanted to share with you, my most dangerous urban exploration experience to date. This one goes into a lot of detail, so I hope it keeps you entertained. Once I got to explore an abandoned jail with some friends of mine and we encountered a sneaky police officer, silent alarms, and razor wire fences.

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Welcome to the No Tracers podcast. This podcast is about urban exploring. If you guys are fans of abandoned places of your fans, of content creation in abandoned places, this is the podcast for you. So I got asked, I am actually live right now on Tik TOK, recording this podcast. And somebody I was asking for topics suggestions, and somebody asked me what the most dangerous situation I've ever been in, in an abandoned building was. So I'm going to share that with you guys. Now, I hope you enjoy this episode. This is going to be quite crazy, but here we go. I actually got to explore the place that I'm talking about and this story with urbex off-limits. If you guys don't fall on him on Instagram, I highly recommend you do that.

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He has all the spots. This guy knows everything about everything, urban exploration, and he also wants to start a podcast. So if we could just go encourage him to do so on his Instagram, urbex underscore off limits or on his YouTube channel, which is our backs off limits. Go check it out, look on his stuff and helps me convince him to start a podcast. I think that he should, I think it would be super cool to hear his perspective about stuff and his stories of his exploration. So hit him off on Instagram for sure. Or backs underscore off limits. Thanks for this spot, dude. So first of all, I'm not going to disclose any locations or any of that kind of stuff. So if you're trying to find out where this place is, I'm not going to tell you, so don't even ask.

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That's just how this is and the community. We don't really share locations, especially with people we don't know. But if you do get in tight with the community, maybe I'll let you know one day where it's at, but a okay. So I was exploring an abandoned jail, a four story jail, and first of all, to get in, it was super easy. They had wood like plywood on the doors, everywhere. Some of the doors were bolted shut, but one of the entrances just had a piece of wood and somebody kicked to the wood in. So there was a huge hole and the thing. So when we showed up, we didn't have to, you know, I'm super against breaking and entering. I think that it's like it could get you and way more trouble than just getting in, you know?

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So I stay away from BNS. I don't think it's a good idea. I don't think you should do it. And if you do do it cool, but you know, you're risking your freedom to do that. So I don't think it's really worth it. It, to be honest with you, but that being said, there was already a hole in this piece of wood. So we just, you know, snuck right. It, and we'd just went right in to this place. And upon and answering, we explored for about two hours and then a silent alarm went off

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And a security guard showed up and he parked his van right next to where we got in at. So there was no way for us to get out without getting caught. So as urban explorers, instead of, you know, just giving up and turning ourselves into the security guard, who has the authority to do nothing, but tell us to leave. So we decided to stay inside and keep exploring. And you know, it was, it was kind of sketchy because we were like, okay, well I had somewhere to be afterwards. So I was like, guys, we got to wrap this up. We have to find another way out. We need to start looking now. So we literally spent an hour and a half trying to find another way out of this place.

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And you know, and most abandoned places, all the doors are bolted shut so that there's no way into or out. Even if you had a key to get into this place, they've bolted the doors shut from the inside. So there's literally no way for you to open that door. So most of the doors were completely bolted, shut the bottom two floors had a cell bars on all the windows. So we couldn't just like hop out the second floor and like, you know, B on our way, there was a much more complicated route we had to take. So after about an hour and a half, we found some rope and we found a window that had a pipe outside that led down to the first floor.

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And we were like, okay, we can just shimmy down. This fucking pipe is so stupid. This is the dumbest story ever. And I can't believe we got away and survived and nobody got injured getting out of this place. But we ended up tying a rope to these bars because the, the like third story, the third floor of this jail had like a little pathway for the guards to walk in. And it was like secluded. So it had bars all over it. You know, it was like its own little section of the, the jail. It had like a guard pathway that was protected and separate from where the prisoners would walk.

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And so we ended up tying a rope to that and shimmying down this pipe and, oh my God, can I just tell you it was the sketchiest thing I have ever done. I was like, I'm going to die. I'm just gonna die. Break my legs and break my face on the ground. I'm going to fall on to a car or something like, I didn't know what was going to happen, but before we get to how we like fully got out, I just got to tell you guys, this place was absolutely amazing. There was a boxing ring, there was solitary confinement. There was a gym with weights and, and weight machines and all that kind of stuff. It was super interesting to wander around inside this place. And I skateboarded through the entire place. So we all brought skateboard's and we were just skateboarding around inside, and it was so sick.

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It was so sick to be inside of an abandoned place and just, you know, have a good time and skate around and filmed some content. And I've filmed a music video on there. If you guys want to see it go to K the screamer official, the song is Y by NF, we did a metal core cover of a rap song, and I filmed the video and this abandoned jail. And I often film my videos and abandoned places. That's my backdrop. That's my thing. I love doing it. It's super fun. Ah, so we, we did that. We filmed that and we were skating around and you know, we, when this security guard showed up, he kind of cramped our style. So we were like, fuck, what are we gonna do? We got to get out of here.

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Like, and then on the cherry, on top of his that I actually had a film screening to go to a, it was my first and my like debut in a film. And I was like, oh my God, I can't be late for this. So I was like, guys, we got to find a way out of here. So like I said, fast forward to where we we're climbing down in this pipe. So we climbed down the pipe and we got all of the people that were with us down. There were multiple people with us, which was like another issue. It wasn't just like one or two people. It was like multiple people. So we had to find a way to get all of us out of this place. So we ended up climbing down this pipe and jumping over a razor wire fence and it was super sketchy. And like my friend got her shoe lay stuck on a razor wire fence.

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And I was trying to tell her not to panic because if you panic and you're trying to get out of razor wire, you're going to end up like slicing yourself open. So I actually have a couple of scars from that trip on my legs from trying to climb out of there bruise. I had bruises, I had cuts. I had like all kinds of stuff. It was a, it was a pretty brutal exploration, but I mean, that, that's just what happens when you explore a lot, you know, you always come home with some scrapes or some bruises just from getting in and out. And that's just kinda how it goes with urban exploring. So if you're not into minor injuries like bruising and, and scrapes and cuts and stuff like that, I recommend against urban exploration. But if you are trying to get into it, that's probably a reason you're listening to this podcast.

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Just know that that's probably going to happen. I will do a, an episode about gear that I think you should have with you on an urban exploration mission. I think that that's going to be super helpful episode. And if you guys have questions, hit me up at No Tracers on Instagram, just send me a DM. I will answer it. Or I will answer it here on the podcast. Probably answer it here on the podcast because we need content. You know what I mean? We need more content for the podcast. So yeah, that is the story of the time that I got in and out of jail. The only time I've ever been to jail, by the way, it was in an abandoned, an abandoned jail. I've never been to actual jail. Thankfully, knock on wood.

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You hear me knocking on wood. Yes. And yeah, I just wanted to share this story because I've got tons of stories from these places. I mean, I could make episode after episode after episode of stories. So if you guys want to hear more of this stuff, definitely let me know on Instagram. I would love to hear from you. And if you have topics suggestions, if you want to come on the podcast, I would also like to talk to you about your stories, your journey's and the tails that are behind your urban exploration missions. I love talking to other urban explorers. So definitely reach out to me. And if you guys liked this episode, please be sure to hit the subscribe button. So you get notified when a new episode drops, which is going to be every Friday at about noon Pacific standard time.

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That's when I'm going to drop the new episode. So if you guys to get new episodes, come back every Friday at noon. Thank you guys for listening to this. If you liked it, please be sure to leave a rating and some feedback. And if you leave feedback, I will actually send you a signed photo print from an abandoned place that I have explored. And if you guys are interested, I have a book out called No Tracers and urban explorers diary. It's full of these stories, just like this one that I told you, as well as high-rise photographs from my adventures into abandoned places. And I would love for you to pick up a copy. You can do slash No Tracers. There will be a link down on that description. And there's a bunch of affiliate links to Amazon stuff down in the description as well.

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If you guys need a camera, a backpack, or a microphone to, to start your own podcast, perhaps, or if you need a Solar Charger for your GoPro or your phone or whatever, check out the links down on the description. If you guys are freelancers, I also have a podcast called Project Freelance. I would love for you to check that out as well. It's got over 100 episodes. So if you want to dive into a podcast right now, definitely dive into that one. If you're a freelancer. Cool. Thank you guys. My name is Kay justtheletterk. Kay. And you can find me at No Tracers on Instagram or the letter K or just the letter Cool. I also have a bunch of blogs from these abandoned places on just the letter

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So definitely go check that out. All right, guys, I'll talk to you next time and remember, leave no trace.

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