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The Abandoned 17 Story Hospital!

Welcome to the Abandoned 17 Story Hospital!

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There's nothing like an abandoned hospital exploration, except a seventeen story abandoned hospital! It was a mission to get into the right stairwell, and a security guard eventually asked us if we were lost, and let us into the staff elevator, after telling him that we were meeting a classmate in a classroom. He told us that it was on the fourth floor of the building and swiped his staff card and opened the elevator for us. For thirty seconds we plotted how we'd get to the right stairwell after getting off on the fourth floor. We pushed "4" and nothing happened. I feared that we were trapped in the hospital's elevator, when suddenly, it shot up to the 16th floor. It felt like we were in the Tower of Terror Disney ride. The doors opened and we both freaked out because we were actually on the abandoned section of the hospital!

I felt excited and a bit terrified. Did the security guard just send us up to the place of our dreams, the place that many before us had failed to get to? We began our exploration. This is what we found:

This was an absolute treat for Vikers.G and I! So many of our photographer friends tried and failed many times to gain access into the abandoned section of this LA hospital and we had succeeded on our first try! The inside was so eire. Doors were slamming, we heard humming, and saw many unexplainable things.

I've heard from many people who used to work at this hospital and I wanted to share this with you so you understand the history of this place a bit better:

"I worked there 20 years ago when I was in residency training as a new physician. I remember being told that they could never tear it down because the walls were 15 feet thick in some places. It was so old even 20 years ago. There was no air conditioning and they had to use window a/c’s. The 13th floor was a prison ward that would be locked down for several hours while prisoners were transported in and out. During orientation for new residents they brought in this box full of “shanks” or weapons that prisoners made out of common items found on a hospital ward. Most patients were in large hospital rooms shared with 10 other patients like you see in old movies. The doctors cafeteria used to have rats that would run across the floor while you were eating. Because resources were always so scarce doctors were expected to draw their own blood on their patients. I remember in the basement was the office of the “key master” who was this guy in a room with a wall full of thousands of keys & you’d give him some paperwork @ based on where you were assigned would be given a custom key ring full of several keys. There were no electronic passes or key fobs you literally had a giant ring of keys. Was a very unique place to work that at the time I knew I’d probably never have had experience again, it was like a hospital from another time period even back in the late 90’s." - A Youtube Comment

The outside view of Los Angeles was stunning. It's a shame that more people haven't gotten a chance to see this.

I recently was told by an LA SWAT member that they've used this building for training exercises. Hopefully I'll get to go back with them and film what they do!


Scrubs, gurneys, and medical supplies littered the floor. It was as if everyone sprinted out of the building in a hurry. But why? Why would they leave all of this behind? What happened here? Where did everyone go? Why haven't they cleaned it up or demolished the building (which I'm hoping they don't. I'd love to explore it some more!


The decontamination room was definitely one of the creepiest room that I went into. It was littered with betadine, sterile equipment, syringes, and old machinery.


This! This is what we came for! This room was used as a classroom for young interns that would study to become surgeons. It was on the top floor of the hospital. The drone footage shows where it was located. The natural light came in from a large floor to ceiling window. The stairs descended at a 70 degree angle, with concrete bleachers on each level. This was the most interesting room of the hospital. We struggled to get down the stairs, and I wondered how students had done this day after day without falling and becoming the patient on the surgical table...perhaps they were.

Someone had added a small decoration to the room: a cutout of a police officer.


So now I get to tell the best part of the story! We finally got locked out of our section and had to leave. We decided to go down to the fourth floor and take the elevator down to the first, since we told the security guard that we were going to the fourth floor.

We descended the endless staircase to the fourth floor, carefully opened the door, and hurried around the corner. Suddenly, Vikers and I began to notice how dark it was on the fourth floor. There wasn't a soul to be seen. That's when we realised, THE SECURITY GUARD KNEW THAT THE FOURTH FLOOR WAS ABANDONED AND SENT US UP TO THE SIXTEENTH FLOOR! HE KNEWWWWW! Haha!

I can't wait to go back to the hospital and hopefully explore it more in depth! Perhaps we will see the same security guard. Thanks man! You're the best!

*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.

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