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Raining Inside an Abandoned Movie Theatre

I had a free day and decided to meet up with @Urbex_Offlimits to explore a few spots around The United States and I had people vote for what they wanted to see next on my YouTube channel and they voted for this content, so here it is! This is definitely one of my favorite bandos that I've gotten to explore and it was my first movie theatre urban exploration.

The Video

The Property

Based on the movie posters, "Courage Under Fire" and "Primary Colors," that were left behind in this movie theatre, my guess is that it was abandoned sometime in the year 1996. That means it's been decaying for the past twenty-four years! Now that's insane! I can't believe they haven't torn this place down, to be completely honest with you! It's literally falling apart and it was actually raining inside the building. Make sure to watch the video linked below to see the waterfall of rain coming down.

If you want a print of any of these shots, you can pick one up in the PRINT SHOP.

Air levels: TOXIC! WEAR A MASK ALWAYS! You don't want to compromise your lungs.

Getting In

Well this was quite an interesting entrance..the lock on the door was unlocked and we were able to just walk right in. Lucky day for us! Here you can see me in the lobby where the concession stand was. Look at the ceiling in this place! Absolutely insane. I bet the ceiling is on the brink of totally collapsing.

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The Spoils

The first shot you see below is just a water fountain, but my goodness the decor is so amazing! I absolutely love this place and will one day go back to see if the ceiling has collapsed. If you know about this place, I'd advise you to be extremely careful walking around.

Our next stop was to the projection room. I've never been in the back end of a movie theatre so it was cool to see what they used to use back in the 90s. These projectors are gigantic and I can't believe how big the film reels are. There were a few reels that still had the film in them. Look at the rust on this machine. I wonder what it looked like before it was left to rot.

It was also pitch black in this place and I'm so thankful that @URBEX_OFFLIMITS brought some lights with him that day.

The lighting makes this place look extra spooky and the water dripping down only added to it.

I mean, look at the size of this reel compared to that poster to the left of it. MASSIVE! I typically refrain from taking things from abandoned buildings, but boy this was tempting. This would make for a super cool piece for a home theatre or office.

The apocalypse is going to be interesting, because everything will one day be abandoned...

Alright, now for the main theatre! I took a few long exposures in this room, because it was so dark, and I'm super happy with how these turned out! The light in the front of the theatre is from Urbex_offlimits walking around with his light. There were probably 400-500 seats in this huge theatre. This is how all movie theatres will look one day, thanks to online streaming. When I'm writing this we are in the middle of the Corona Virus quarantine and all movie theatres have been shut down. It definitely puts this into perspective.

Now this photo is a bit noisy, so forgive me, but I wanted to show off another massive film reel that was propped up against the front row of seats. The darkness in this place was a bit spooky, because it was actually raining outside and the rain was falling through the holes in the ceiling. It made it sound like people were walking was so alive.

I definitely want to create a book full of abandoned movie theatre photos. I love going to the movies so this was a special treat for me. If you'd like to read some amazing urban exploration stories and own some of my photography, pick up a copy of my first photography book here.


After we finished checking out this place we simply walked out the front door. There was no one on the street at all so it was an easy getaway, if you will. I should have taken a photo of the outside of this place, but it was pouring when we got back outside and I didn't want to ruin my camera for a photo. Perhaps I'll go back to take some more shots when this virus is gone.



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