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Giant Abandoned Air Force Flight School


So, let's jump right into the history of this place. From my research it seems to have been an Advanced Flying School, opened in June 1941, and was closed at the end of World War II. Not only is this giant building abandoned, but the neighboring towns are also abandoned. It's like the entire area was hit with a nuke and everyone vanished, leaving behind their homes and workplaces. I could spend a week exploring this area.

Behind the Scenes Video

So the purpose of this urban exploration mission was to create content for my new book, No Tracers - An Urban Explorer's Diary.


We pulled right up, parked the car under the shade of a tree, and walked right in through an opening in a wall. This place was absolutely incredible and I loved getting to walk through the massive halls. I launched the drone to get an aerial view and I think it's so interesting how even the foundation of the parking lots around the building are cracking and being taken back by nature.

So this is interesting. Almost all of the glass from the windows and skylights has been destroyed by other "explorers." I use the term "explorers" lightly, because vandalism isn't cool and I don't think the real explorers are doing that. However, I used the glass to add a bit of texture to one of my photos of my book.


I have to say a huge thank you to @Chamoisdead for going to this place with me. He was instrumental in getting the content for my book and I'm forever grateful. I love how these shots turned out.


We went up to the roof and took some final photos. It was so hot up there on that roof, but it was still pretty cool. Getting to explore this place was a dream. We were completely alone and it was silent, other than our footsteps. I love the quiet in abandoned buildings. Sometimes you can hear the wind whistle through the vacant building and that touches my soul.


Getting out was just as easy as getting in. Overall, this place was a treat and I'm so glad it was the backdrop for my book. I will definitely go back there one day to explore it more. Maybe I'll do an overnight there..

*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.


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