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The Abandoned Rocka-Hoola Waterpark

Updated: May 17, 2020


Behind the Scenes Video

This waterpark was shut down many years ago. I mean, who thought that a waterpark in the middle of the desert would work? Where are you going to get water to support a waterpark? Your tiny water tower?

Someone should teach the creator about the water cycle in the desert, lol.

This is what we found:


I don't know how Vikers finds these places! He's got urbexer friends all over the West Coast. This place has seen more graffiti than photos, so getting to capture it was an amazing feeling!

We began to journey through the waterpark and discovered a lot of old school architectural design. This park must have been quite a treat for out of towners that are passing through.

Now look at this incredible artwork!!

Let's Slide!

Sitting atop this structure that was once a waterslide, I looked out at the vastness of the park, picturing what this desert wasteland would look like with water and kids screaming and having fun.

This is the structure I was sitting on.

At one point, a man in a white truck pulled up next to my car and when he saw us on top of the waterslide platform he yelled at us to come down.

Defeated, we slumped down the stairs and came up with an excuse.

I told the man that we were photographers and he said, "Give me $20. You have an hour." We only had $8 in cash, and he took it and drove off. He was probably just some local guy who wanted to rip off a few kids.

Whatever. Worth it.

Falling Apart

This once vibrant theme park now sits, decaying. It's been stripped of any valuable items and it's been trashed, as most bandos are. The destruction of the buildings is quite captivating.


Well, we were told that we could only stay an hour, but three hours later we couldn't take the roaring heat and the blazing sun. We packed up to leave, but not before I skated in the lazy river! I couldn't pass up the opportunity! I mean, how many people get to do that?!

For a mini road trip, I had the best day out at this park. I got home and immediately jumped in the shower and cooled off.

I can't wait to go back to the waterpark! There's a rumour that there's a jetski in one of the big pools, and we need to find it!

*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.



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