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The Abandoned 1920s Elementary School

Updated: May 19, 2020

Welcome to The Abandoned 1920s Elementary School

Location: West Virginia

This is entry number 10 of my urban exploration blog. Click here to go read the last ones!

The Video

The Property

Built in 1921 and left to rot, this place sits atop a hill overlooking a small town with the population of 105. Upon arriving we were met by some helpful locals who pointed us in the direction to this school. When we. got to the top of the hill I was blown away by the size of this place. It was a massive three story, concrete building.

The Spoils

I love the way these desks are strewn out on the front lawn. It's almost as if they're trying to escape the building.

Check out the way these stairs have been smashed up. I'm sure this is. the doing of either a construction company trying to break the building down or some locals wreaking havoc on the building. If you'd like a print of any of these photos you can pick one up in my PRINT SHOP.

I love how many desks are sitting around in this place like they're about to start their first day of urbex school.

I was here to film a music video for the artist Klairvoyant and you can see the music video below.

I love finding old pianos in. abandoned buildings. They look like they belong there. I love the thick layer of dirt and asbestos covering the piano keys. If you'd like to read some amazing urban exploration stories and own some of my photography, pick up a copy here.

This was my favorite room. Look at the moss that has completely covered the floor of this classroom. The damp environment in West Virginia has really allowed nature to consume this building and take it back into the earth. I love seeing stuff like this. It's a reminder that everything will return to nature one day.

For those wondering about my bag, this is what I use. A Wandrd, PRVKE 21 backpack. I'll be writing an entire blog about it soon. You can pick one up on Amazon here:


After we finished filming the music video we headed to the gymnasium to check it out and what we found surprised me. It was full of children's sports gear, basketballs, score card numbers, and the roof had collapsed through the basketball court floor.

*bando (n,): slang term for an abandoned location; an urban exploration trip

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