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Abandoned Dental Hospital

Welcome to The Abandoned Dental Hospital

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hi! I'm K Enagonio! If you're receiving this message from outer space, you might be an alien... If you're receiving this on Earth, that means you're a part of my mailing list! If you like seeing cool shit, keep reading. If not, scroll down and unsubscribe, because you can't sit with us.

This is entry number 13 of my urban exploration blog. Click here to go read the last ones!

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The Video

This video was difficult to create, due to the lack of light in the building, but I kind of love the grain effect it created.

The Unknown Bando 1

So we don't know a whole lot about this location, so I'm going to refer to it as The Unknown Bando i.

Hospitals are weird, because they're not always just hospitals. This building had four floors and a basement, which was terrifying, and I regret going to the bottom of the stairs to take a look. It looked like one of the places IT attacks one of the kids.

In my last post I wrote about my passion for light painting and thought I might start light painting at every location. I was hammocking, but it's a bit more unsafe than light painting. I love how the textures pop on the walls.


Getting Past Security

So, I've become much more confident in my personal strength, which means I know climb on things frequently. My mother hates it, but it's fun and less dangerous than driving in a car. We walked around this bando for about an hour trying to find a way in and right as we were about to give up, I looked up and saw a few busted out windows on the floor above us. I found a way to climb up and so we went!

*bando (n,): slang term for an abandoned location; an urban exploration trip

Let the Exploration Begin

As I said before, I have no freakin idea what this place was, but every floor had something different to offer. The top floor seemed to be an apartment-style layout. There was a full kitchen and multiple rooms.

The next floor down was boring, but had a long creepy hallway that we enjoyed shooting quite a bit. I even took a few self portraits. I like to use them as the thumbnails for my Youtube videos.

The Spoils

This random building, that we thought was a dental hospital, turned out to be full of surprises, like an elevator that had its' cables cut and lied dead at the bottom of the elevator shaft. I wanted so badly to climb onto it, but I didn't dare risk my life for that photo.

There were a few busted up and shot up limos outside and I assume that they were used as target practice/a hotel for the night. Overall, I had a blast at this spot, as I always do with Vikers


So, getting out of this spot was way less stressful than when we got up on the roof. Pro Urbex tip: always take your memory card out of your camera when leaving a building. If a cop tells you to format everything then you can fake it, without having to lose all of your footage.

Vikers went ahead of me and I had him film me climb down the building to close out my vlog.

If you read this far, go get yourself a cookie, on me. And by that I mean, go get a cookie, bring it to me, and put it on my mouth. Spread the word about this blog and I'll....I'll....I'll go on another adventure! WeEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeEEEEeeee

*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.


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