Abandoned Bayshore Train Yard


This was my birthday exploration. I got to go on a trip with my friends and we split three days up into different types of photography, landscape, city, and abandoned photography were our three goals. This was day two, my pick, urbex day.

Behind the Scenes Video

This is the Bayshore Roundhouse. This brick roundhouse was purchased by E.H. Harriman in 1910, with the mission to create a more economic route for the trains to travel into San Francisco. It was a place where steam-powered freight engines, when they were not being used. They also ran maintenance on engines. At one point there were 25 tracks that lead outbound from the roundhouse and almost 40 inbound lines.This place is well known enough that I feel comfortable saying its name. The roundhouse was abandoned in 1982 and later in 2001 a fire destroyed a large portion of the roundhouse. It has become an art gallery for local graffiti artists and I'm glad I got to explore it.


Getting in was quite simple. The fence had a gap in it and we just slipped right in. Sometimes you just get lucky, especially if you're heading to explore a super popular place like this one. It's amazing that there was no one else there that day, but I'm so glad we were alone, because I wanted to skateboard a bit through this train yard.

Exploring Alone vs. With People

I don't typically explore by myself, but I felt pretty confident about going in alone. I saw that the building was mostly open and my friends were waiting in the car for me. I spent some time in it by myself until my boy @Vikers.G joined me. I snapped some photos of him.


Easy as getting in! We went back out through our hole in the fence, hopped in the car, and bailed. I'd go back to this place for sure to get more shots. I didn't have much time to explore, because we had a full day, but I'm glad I got to see it.

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*Disclaimer: I do not give out addresses to locations.


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