Cops in Abandoned Places with Chamoisdead

This week on the No Tracers podcast I am recycling an episode from my other podcast Project Freelance, about freelancing. Chamo came on to share what he does as a freelance content creator and an urban explorer. He's explored all over Southern California and he's also helped me create some promos for my book, No Tracers. Chamo also has created a limited run of his book, which is sold out, but keep up with him on IG to get info about his new drops!

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The podcast you've been looking for on the step into the world of urban exploration with guests or around to No Tracers.

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And with that, we have an intro. Do you like the new intro? I think it's pretty great. It's also quite spooky and I like spooky and creepy things. So welcome to No Tracers. If you are just now joining us, if this is the first episode you're listening to please go back and listen to the previous episodes. There are tons of guests. There's tons of insight on how to get into urban exploration gear. You should have to have recommendations for shoes, backpacks, all kinds of cool stuff. Also, there's a bunch of links to gear that I think you could use as an urban Explorer down into the description. Amazon affiliate links, get your stuff from Amazon. There you go. Invest in Amazon, do all the things with Amazon. Thank you, Amazon.

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So this week on the podcast, I'm talking with, my friend Chamoisdead and Chamo and I go back to, I think, 2016, we met through mutual friends at a photography meetup, and we started talking about our love for exploring abandoned places. And we started to explore abandoned places together almost immediately. We've done quite a few explorations together and he actually helped film some of the promos for my No Tracers book. By the way, I have a book called No Tracers and urban explorers diary. And it's all about my stories and full of my photographs from my exploration. So if you do want a copy of that link will be down in the description, or you can go to NoTracers/shop over on

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You can also see my blog posts, which are basically more in depth stories of each of my explorations over the years. So if you want to check that out, No Tracers dot com. So I have another podcast actually called Project Freelance. And this episode was actually an episode of Project Freelance and it kind of sparked me to want to create a podcast about urban exploring and now I'm doing it. So I figured I should bring this episode over from Project Freelance to No Tracers. So without further ado, Chamo please introduce yourself. And what it is you do to the No Tracers audience.

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My name is Ian people call me Chamo. I am 24 years old. What do I do for a living? I work for bait. And what do you do for them? I do warehouse. I also do event photography for them, whether that's their parties or like their actual like cons that they participated, which his enemy expo wonder con comic con all that type of stuff. That's what I do. Yeah.

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And what about like freelance photography? Like model photography, stuff like that?

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Yeah, I do that to, so, so it's funny. Cause like the warehouse is my actual nine to five job and then my side job is the event and all that type of stuff that bait needs as well. And in the side side, stuff that I do is I actually do like the content creating and all that type of stuff. Kind of like what you do, but on a smaller level, I did it on a smaller level. So on sometimes work on music videos or beat a lot of BTS for products or promos or anything really. So yeah, it sounds really boring, but it's really not. I, I don't even know how to really explain it.

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Yeah. That's what I do as well to do about that type of stuff.

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Got you into photography. Like what inspired you to pick up a camera in the first

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Place? If this is a I'm going to just give it, so this was, this was like a high school. This was 2013. I'm going to save 14 to 2013. I had ex-girlfriend now it's on record, but like I broke up with her and she was like the best thing in my life, you know? So I was just fucking depressed. I was depressed as hell. And what happened was, is that like I was so depressed, I was just moping around about her, you know, and I just got to stop thinking about her. So everyone's like, Hey, why don't you just do something to do to take your mind off of her?

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And I was like, all right. You know, like, like what? So I tried a couple of things, you know, and I'll take, it's not really working. And in one time, and then I went to Oregon, I went to Oregon and this is one, but like Tumblr was super popular back in the day. So, you know, and over there in Oregon, everything's just nature. Everything was just beautiful. So still here I am in a car with my sister in the back of the car and I'm still moving around my ex-girlfriend and, and for some reason I just look outside and I'm like, wow, this is really nice. You know, I'm going to download this app called Visco or whatever. And this was on my phone and I told my sister, Hey, you know, why don't you just go stand over there and I'll take a picture of you.

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She was like, cool. And I don't know, I just edited that photo. And it's probably still on my Instagram to this day, but I was like, Hey, you know, this is really cool. I liked taking this photo. I liked to editing it. Maybe I can use to do it as a hobby and sure enough, you know, I just go do it now on my phone and ended up getting more serious until like me, like couple of months later about my first camera, which was a Nikon D 3,200. Yeah. This was like late 2013, early 2014. Yeah. So depression, I guess you could say really bad depression. Yeah. That's that's

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So photography, like got you out of your depression. Yeah. In

2 (5m 44s):

A weird way. Yeah, it did. It made me forget about a lot of things actually made me forget about college and obviously heard that my ex-girlfriend and like a lot of this stuff that I was going through with my parents, all that, it made me forget that I was kind of alone also like in a weird way. Like I had this camera that I can just take pictures of anything I ever wanted to. And I was so busy and occupied with the next thing, like, okay, like I took a picture of this, to this car now to take a picture. This train are now this, like this, this flower, like little things here and there. And I was just so busy and occupied with that and editing that, like, I just,

1 (6m 22s):

You just didn't have time to dwell on anything thinking about it. Anything else

2 (6m 26s):

About, I mean also sad. Sure. But I think this was a good tool to like help process what happened, I guess, or like whatever I was trying to go through and just forget about whatever it is. I was trying to forget about it, but yeah. Yeah, that really helped me just forget about her and a lot of things and I just going with it.

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So for listeners Chama and I met at a photography meetup in Los Angeles, I

2 (6m 55s):

Was like 20, 20 16, 16. Bryce was about three years. Yeah. Three years.

1 (7m 2s):

So how did you find out about the meetups?

2 (7m 6s):

How'd I find it. Oh, okay. So I had a friend whose name is Jake, shut up his ass G-code visuals. And we used to wear to church together. We used to go to church together and he was like, Hey, you know, I'm a photographer too. I'm a photographer too. I can teach you how to do some stuff. And I was like, look, whatever, you know, like I was like, whatever, like screw this guy or whatever, but like, yeah, yeah. Whatever, teach me whatever. And he taught me a lot of stuff, composition and all that. And, and you know, and I guess when I, when he thought I was ready, he was like, Hey, do you want to go to this photography meet? And I was like, yeah, but this is before I even had a camera. This was, I still had on my phone.

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And it was twenty thirteen, twenty fourteen. It wasn't even his street meat. It was like just a photo. Me. And it was all you familiar with blue bottle cafe? No. Okay. It's just a cafe place, but they had their actual, I actually had a meet and it's right there next to the sixth street bridge will, what was once the sixth street bridge? I don't know. Blue bottles, their, but they just hosted to me. I went there to my iPhone five and

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Oh, I think I know it. I think I know the place it's like right around the corner. I know a place

2 (8m 22s):

It's, you know, where they're like little warehouses for true religion is like, it's like right there. Okay. It's like right there. And they had to me and we went under the, under the bridge under the sixth street bridge and were just taking pictures and the end, those photos, you can also find on the bottom of my Instagram. And I was like, this is really cool. You know, like seeing all these people with their phones and just hanging out with each other and all that stuff. But not as straight to me though, it was like a hipster meet like this with the sun hats and the white dresses and stuff, you know? But it was cool though. I liked it. It was awesome. It was, this was late 2013 or early 2014 too. So I've been doing meats for about five years, five years, five or six years.

1 (9m 7s):

How do you think that the meats have helped you develop as a photographer?

2 (9m 10s):

Oh, Jesus dude. I guess once I started to get more serious about it, but my camera right, Nick on 3,200, started to go into these meats even more. And that's where you start picking up. So many things you started picking up. I started picking up how to do long expositions. And when long expositions you can shoot trains, you put your card, you can shoot lights, you can shoot steel wool. So I started doing that too. And I learned how to, to, to steel wool, I embarrassed to share it on myself. It was funny. I just, it really teaches you a lot. So these photo meets also kind of got a little bit competitive. So what a really taught me, which I really think off of these meats, his to set my settings really fast without even looking, without even looking like I knew my camera, that the back of my hand, you know what I mean?

2 (10m 1s):

So it was just a rush. So, you know, you're shooting at the shooting at night. What can go on to Canada with a Nick on 3,200 S it ain't working. You know what I mean? So I had 35 with a 1.8, so shooting on and I was kind of hard, but I would really like the composition and holding your breath while shooting at like 20th of a second to 1.8 on what I saw. But you never want to go more than 600 on that. And the Nikon. And like, I call it a sniper shot. Cause like one of my mother's shoe, I just hold my breath and go click and then be like, okay, I got it.

2 (10m 42s):

Like I pray to God, I had it. You know, I go home and edit it. Like, yes, I got it. So settings for sure was on one thing. And then knowing what I want it to shoot, because in the beginning you don't really know what you want

1 (10m 56s):

To shoot me. I'm going to go just to figure it out, right. To take a picture of this tree,

2 (11m 1s):

This mountain, whatever, you know. And then what I started to do was like, oh, I really want to like take pictures of people. And like the moment in these meats. And I want the craziest photo of the whole day, the fire and all that type of stuff. So it really helped me figure out what I wanted to shoot. And with that came an audience pretty much, or the supporters, the followers and all that type of stuff. So what I got from it was really just composition to settings and kind of what started my career. Pretty much all that type of stuff.

1 (11m 33s):

So for you guys listening, the photo meets basically what it is. If you've ever seen like fast and furious, they kind of like text you location and time when you show up. But it's on Instagram. So it's like a little bit less crazy than like fast to various. But that, that's what I compare to when people are like, what are these photo meetups? I'm like, yeah, it's fast. Various. They send you the location, the date. And then the time of the day of, and you show up and there could be 20 people there, there could be 600 people there. You just don't know, oh, that'd be so sick. They did take C like

2 (12m 5s):

This time to be here. Like, that's it like, oh, okay, come prepared. BYOV like, okay now, but yeah, it's pretty much like that. That's a good, that's a good way to put it. It's like, Hey, we're going to be here. Be here, be here. Don't be here. Yeah. I can't even tell you how many meets I've done. I've lost track of it. The first year. I probably did 70 to 70 alone. Well, this wasn't industry to me, this was like blue bottle. And like, this is really old group and I want it to give them a shout out too. And they were called all mediums, accepted, all mediums, et cetera, with these three guys. And they really just put on a show and one of the first ones, they kind of fell out though.

2 (12m 45s):

But they started doing a lot of meats and they did like, oh no, they probably did like five or 10 of them. So I went to all of those and then blue bottle cafe meats. And then just like random people just started doing their own little meats. So it was like five people. And I was like, yeah, let's go. You know? And that was, that was really cool. That was really awesome. Good time. Sorry. I'm just like reminiscing a little bit here. Yeah.

1 (13m 7s):

The meats have changed. Like they changed my life. Like,

2 (13m 11s):

Did they tell you? Right. Totally. You grow

1 (13m 14s):

So much as a photographer. Like, like what you were saying, like shooting, getting your settings faster and shooting in the moment faster. It just makes you a better like journalists, like documentary creator in that sense, you know? And that's like, that's totally my thing, which is why I think I vibe so much with the meetups. They're cool,

2 (13m 31s):

Man. They're cool. His being there at school. Cause like, you're just surrounded with people that just love to do exactly what you do. You know what I mean? Sometimes you get the wrong one. Sometimes you get to know whatever, whatever every scene is going to be like that. But like there's really cool people out there. And I want to just say like, I want to say at least 80% of the people I talk to every day are like, are like really good friends that I've met at at meetups. Like, like I'm not just like, oh yeah, what's up dude. Like I don't even see, I see them at their houses. I've met their families, their sons or daughters. Like we hang out, like we hang out. You want to? I mean, so like the meats helped me grow as an individual too.

2 (14m 11s):

Especially with the social anxiety, came back to like the whole depression thing in high school. I didn't even talk, like I just play video games, watch Netflix. I think that this was a thing back then. And then just like just, I don't, I didn't even talk, you know? And when I went to these meets, Jake would do most of the talking and he would, he would only speak Spanish. So like, it was really kind of hard, you know? And then just, it really just brought me out of my comfort zone. And once you get pushed out of your comfort zone, there's no going back. But yeah, you just know the original way and you could have his, like, it's a weird feeling. And you're like, oh no, I already talked to this guy. You know, I have to say hi. And you just say hi to one person, you meet the other guy. And then next thing you, you have thousands of followers and now you had to talk here to just like, oh, Hey, what's up.

2 (14m 56s):

But you would develop a personality to totally, you know, and you find out things about yourself that you really just, you never thought you'd know. I guess it's crazy, crazy life.

1 (15m 7s):

Yeah. I mean like we, you can say the same, but I mean, I've traveled around the country with all these people from these meetups, you know, like lifelong friendships from this stuff. Just because you have so much in common. I mean, you love photography. That's a huge part of our lives.

2 (15m 21s):

Photography is an amazing part because like you see things differently now.

1 (15m 25s):

Oh yeah. You totally see things differently. Everything looks like an opportunity,

2 (15m 28s):

Like anything. And it was like a brick wall

1 (15m 33s):

On that brick wall,

2 (15m 34s):

But I can change the color of that. Yeah. I can put something on in front of it. Like it's anything, like I looked at a tree and I, the first off I see when I see a tree it's I can change the color of that tree. Like instead of green, it could be orange or red and I have a photo actually. Why change everything to red? It was really amazing, but it's just like, you can do anything you want really? It's just a matter of Lightroom. I don't use Photoshop. I really don't use, but it's hard. Right. It's difficult.

1 (16m 2s):

Light rooms, very user-friendly and super easy to learn. I can't think in layers, I don't think

2 (16m 7s):

In layers, I think of like just normal stuff. I guess you could say like a painting kind of painting pretty much. Yeah. And so yeah, the photography, you just see everything differently, even when you're watching movies or just like another photo, you know, I used to hate photography so much. S K I K going back to my ex, I went to her house. Right. And she had a picture of like this eight by 11 black and white tree. It was this just in a room, just chilling. And I was such an asshole and I was just like, you know what stupid, you know? And she's like, and I was like that photo.

2 (16m 47s):

I hate photography legit. I'm trying to quote unquote what I said here. And I was like, I hate photography because like that photo, for example, you can take a picture, put a black and white and call it art or something like that. You know? And then she's like, you know, she was just trying to be nice to me, whatever, but I feel bad, you know, I always tell her that story. And then she was like, look at you now. And I'm like, I know, but like I used to hate photography now. I like it. I really do love it. It's it's amazing. And early pay, pay the pay, the paved pay pave paved. Sorry you pay the career path for me, for sure. Yeah.

2 (17m 28s):


1 (17m 29s):

Who are some of the like local photographers that you looked up to when you were starting to God shoot more meets, do all this stuff. It was just like

2 (17m 42s):

Just G really in the beginning, which was G like, it was just me and him from day one. He's my day one. So it was Josh and he taught me everything. I have to know. Like if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't even be where I am right now. I guess you could say. So it was G and that's it at that moment. But now like, if I want to say like, oh, like all the, like, they're really like, I think dope people around my area. Would it be Jake? My best friend, Josh mother, best friend. Her name is Michael. There's another guy named Menez. He's a really good photographer as well.

2 (18m 23s):

He does like lifestyle stuff. I think that's like the only like local, cause we're out here, like my area. So there's not a lot of like photographers. And if there are, it's more like professional, like, oh, we do weddings. Yeah. Stuff like that. It's cool. You know, but I'm not really down with that, but for like street stuff. Yeah. It's only like us really that we represent the I E really over here. Yeah, for sure. So

1 (18m 51s):

As far as these events go, that you're shooting. What is your process when you go in to these events? Like, what are you capturing? What are your, what are you like? What do you go into it with? Like, like mindset wise. It's a hell of anxiety. And

2 (19m 6s):

You still get that. Totally. Always. It's

1 (19m 9s):

Not as much now I feel way more confident. But if it's like a new gig or something, then yeah, for sure.

2 (19m 15s):

Okay. For me, I don't know about you, but I get to have anxiety the day before, right? Oh, totally. Sometimes I can't even sleep like, okay, do I have everything done to have everything ready? You know? And then when I get to the place, I'm like, why would I so anxious? Like this was so easy. Like to have the mentality I get into first, I'll get this text or that email, like, Hey, you know, we want this one day. OK, cool. Whatever. And I have to have to make sure everything is ready. Camera's SD cards, everything, everything. What I really look for first, I just asked them, Hey, they didn't give me a list. Hey, what do you really need? What do you really want?

2 (19m 57s):

Like, what do you need now? And type of stuff. And if they say, Hey, you know, just go for it. All right. I'm going to get the best shots. I think that are like, what you want to know what I mean from most events, this, this kind of how it is like, Hey, the person will be like, Hey, you know what? I trust you just, you have all access to anything you want to go for it to just do BTS. Cool. You know, and what I try to do is try to find moments where let's say a music video. I always try to find celebrities talking to other people. Or, or like when they're in a dance, move on to pose or smiling or laughing, like I would just try to capture that moment for other events kind of like just BTS or like promo and stuff.

2 (20m 45s):

I mean, that's, that's pretty easy to it. It's not, it's really not that hard. I just kind of just take pictures of like, whatever the focusing is or whatever the product is or, or anything really.

1 (20m 56s):

So you guys, you guys do a lot of product stuff.

2 (20m 58s):

I do a lot of products off. Yeah. But lately I've been doing more of the music videos and shooting the rappers type of stuff. I feel like product is harder. No, I agree. I think it's harder.

1 (21m 9s):

I think it's hard products. Yeah. Because they don't really do anything. You know, they don't do anything.

2 (21m 14s):

It's kind of easy but hard sometimes. Okay. So I'll take a picture of like, let's say like this cup and it's easy. I'll just take a picture. Yeah. But I'm like, I overthink it like, oh, maybe I should like have it in this lighting or like this dramatic, like tilt or something. I don't know. Like I just kind of overthink it, but it's just really depends on the mind state really. I guess you can say, but in the beginning it's just a lot of anxiety. And at the end it's a lot of anxiety too. Cause it's just like, all right, do they want to, they want me to edit them and do they want to edit them? Should I edit the way I edit them such as to the black and white, it's just like, oh God, sometimes it's overthink it. But it's still fun though. I'll give you that. It's very fun.

2 (21m 56s):

Very fun.

1 (21m 57s):

So let's shift into talking about my favorite thing to talk about his abandoned places, which is what I do when I'm not freelancing, you know, came from me now. We just spent like four hours trying to get home from, I was so sat in traffic for literally two hours. My God, it was so far we went off roading. We went off in a Toyota Corolla.

2 (22m 27s):

That was so sick, but it was so scary at the same time. We actually high-fived and it was really cool. It was great about Alberta and places. So yeah. So abandoned places. So I hadn't, at this point, I've had my Nikon 30 to 235 millimeters stock lens was like 18 to 55 or whatever. Well, here's the thing I had never even knew what abandoned place was. I knew what it is to kind of likes to see on a free ride.

1 (22m 54s):

You didn't know that like exploring abandoned places was like a thing. I didn't even know that that was

2 (22m 58s):

A thing, but I was like, people do this. That's weird. And so I had a friend named Jose shadow, Jose who also went to my church was why don't you, his friends and all that. We all knew each other. And he was like, he was like, Hey, you know, you're a photographer juice to photographer. Do you want to hang out? I was like, yeah, sure. What do you want to shoot? And he's like, there's this abandoned place around, around this area, you know, like probably 15 minutes from here. And he's like, do you want to go check it out? And I was like, abandoned plays. So I was like, I mean, I guess, I don't know, like whatever, you know, and this point I haven't even seen like abandoned places on like Instagram or flicker or 500 PX or anything. So I was like, all right, like whatever.

2 (23m 38s):

Okay. Wasn't even nervous about trespassing, nothing about abandoned places. And then I went to that and I was like, you know, I was like, okay, this, this school, a lot of glass on broken things, you know? But like the weird thing was the first time I went to, I didn't take any pictures. Oh. I was just like, oh, this is kinda weird. But when I w but after that I came home and I was like, nah, I could have taken a sick picture here. You know, like I could have done something here. So I went back, I went back like, like the next week. And I just took a couple of pictures and I was like, oh, this, this, this is sick. This is cool. Like, you don't get to see this that often, you know?

2 (24m 19s):

And like, you don't, you don't see abandoned places that often. And I was like, okay, this was cool. You know? And I just, and I kept going into that same band in place. I kept practicing there, like lights, composition, shadows. What about a lot of abandoned places are shadows and light. So you really asked to lighting. Yeah. And so it's really weird. So

1 (24m 37s):

It's like, you get what you get photograph

2 (24m 39s):

It. Yeah. Pretty much, you know, but I'm sure I'm still shooting JPEG. I don't even shoot. It is what you get to know. The colors are already in there. And I was like, oh, this is a cool, you know, when I started posting them and then I started getting a little bit of a detention from the local people, they were like, oh, you should have been in places. You should take me. And I was like, only no one. You know how to take a lot of people there. I took a lot of people, probably like 30 people there. We probably, we don't even talk anymore, but it's cool. But it took a lot of people there. And then I just kept getting better at it. I just got to go into the same place. And the cool thing about Bando was that every to three weeks new things would come up. Like, like now there's probably like a stripped down Beamer, stripped down, no wheels, no nothing.

2 (25m 25s):

And there's like skating things in there, like ramps and stuff. So people skate in there and you get to a party in there. It's cool. So that was pretty much the gateway for sure was that was like abandoned that, that first abandoned building. And also like this one was a time where like, I was still like, you know, the whole depression thing when my ex-girlfriend and I felt like I was just really depressed. And in being in these abandoned buildings was like, Hey, you know, I really relate to these things. Cause like, they're just broken, you know, like,

1 (26m 1s):

This is how I feel like this sounds really

2 (26m 4s):

Like, so cliche and dumb, but I was like, I am just as broken on the inside as his abandoned building. Like it was, it's really sad. It's just really sad. Like it looked broken on the outside, look on the inside. It's cold. It's raw is just like destroy people to step on you all the time. People just come in and out of it. And I was just like, but not to me, like sexually out on my life, you know, like out of my life, he would just come in and out. And I was like thinking of every little detail. And I was like, yeah, I can, I really do. Just like, I compare myself to abandoned places a lot. I was like, yeah. Like I, it, which is one of the most like one-on-one connection I've ever had with anything in my life.

2 (26m 44s):

Like not a tree, not a, not a rooftop. Like it was just a band in places like this. Like I, I literally said I was sleeping in abandoned. Like I was sleeping abando if I, if I could, if I wanted to know Airbnb, bring my sleeping bag and just like sleep in, abandoned off. I could. Yeah. So like that, which is so crazy. And now, you know, I've probably shot more than a hundred bandos. I've been caught. Like I've had a gunpoint on me maybe once or twice, but getting caught, like maybe like four or five times is not a lot. I'm pretty good at like sneaking around. I'm a skinny guy. So I'll always just like fit in like some weird, like, not door, but like hole in the wall or something and wait for the cop to go or something like that.

2 (27m 33s):

Yeah. I've, I've, I've hit bandos only in California. Actually. I've only had been, was in California. Yeah. I hate traveling. It's only, I love traveling, but not on time. I don't do, I don't do plan. So I'm probably never going to hit like the Chicago or Chicago at bandos or whatever the M and a abandoned was or sick.

1 (27m 52s):

So talking about some of the other places you've explored that are in Los Angeles that are, you know, are or were abandoned and you know, like the, the art you created and what came from that. Oh man, like the church,

2 (28m 8s):

Just to say this first, I never hit that. Oh, gee jail to spot the jail when I never

1 (28m 13s):

Hit that one. Yeah. I'd never hit that one. So maybe I will one

2 (28m 17s):

Day. And you were telling me your story, every story I hear his just sketching. I'm like no things, some good. So the ones I have and God, I hope there's no cops listening, but if I say just like what they are and not the names is that cool. So I've had to hospitals, they're very close to each other. I don't want to say where really a, but if you're heard abando about an old guy or explore and you were on the LA area, you probably know they're probably like 10 stories high. You probably know what I'm talking about in LA. You can see from the freeway. And so I've hit those to, and man, there is so fun. Like I, would've never thought you can go inside there and just explore.

2 (28m 58s):

And for people who don't really know what's inside check, checked us out. Okay. So I was with man, it was me. Do you know, raw file Sergio. Okay. And this was like 2015, you know, I'm hanging out with the big boys, you know what I mean? And we, on the night leader cycle, Rob cycle robs us three, maybe someone else I don't remember when you go to the first abandoned place, not the surgical room when the one, which was just like the beds and all that stuff. And the only way to get in on mind, you it's, it's it's like to a hospital also it's garden, obviously with cops, there's like four squad cars around.

2 (29m 38s):

You can go to this, you can go to the front entrance more on the back or anything to what we had to do was we had to climb to the second or third floor from the outside. Like, not like, not like, it was like, it was not safe. First of all, like we got to a wall, had to get on a first level roof and to get to the second level we had to get on like some pipes that were like doing like Zs and ELs and the window was like broken into. So there was still glass shards around, like there was a glass shards on the floor. There was so glass on the window. Like there was no way I was on a punch the glass out on anything. So literally it was, it was a small window. Maybe like this, it was okay.

2 (30m 21s):

I guess, I don't know how to go into measurements, but let's say it was about three or four feet tall or whatever, and those glass on it. So literally when you had to go in, you got to put your back pack in first and get into this window, like in the middle of the window, like where your belly is. There's a, there's a glass shards sticking out. So like, you have to do this weird, like dolphin, like thing into like a dolphin dive into in the window. And so that that's like one of the issues. And then when you go in, you know, it's just like dark and light. It's so cool because you get to see these surgical rooms and sorry that wanting to have a surgical room, it just had surgery tables.

2 (31m 3s):

And there's like those two big lights on the top where, you know, they're doing surgery on you to just like illuminate your insides pretty much. And you walk around and there's just like emptiness and beds and graffiti and all types of stuff into morgue. Oh gosh. To more people who don't know the mortgage, like what they put the dead bodies and stuff that you see that you want to see bodies, you don't see bodies, you just see stuff like this blocker, lockers, that cream, it to all that type of stuff. Oh man. It's so funny. So I've done those to amend hospitals and I've done some that are not, they're not here anymore. So that one that we went to, I think that's like an abandoned textile mill or

1 (31m 44s):

Something like that. Flea market at one point, something like that.

2 (31m 49s):

That was cool. Cause it had the couch and chill in there. That was a pretty big place to sell is really cool. That's that's gone now. So ripped to that. Another one that's gone is his big warehouse. Oh, you would have loved it or maybe I did. No, I don't think I've taken you now. We only went to ballon. Yeah. And it was just like, it was amazing. It was just like an abandoned also like another like male or something or textile mill to, to, to floors. And I've been there like maybe 10 times with Isaac and John and moody and all these types of people. I actually filmed a documentary there, there was a documentary about me in their, but never came out. So we're up to that to I've actually like in that Bando with what I remember also is like just walking and then not knowing that there was a hole.

2 (32m 37s):

So on my left foot, I went into a hole and I like, like, just like, I just fell to the floor. My body just like kinda caught me, but like I was bruised everywhere and like, yeah. So I've done that. I've done.

1 (32m 50s):

I think falling to the floor is probably my biggest fear when I'm in abando.

2 (32m 53s):

Oh, okay. Thank you. But not in LA, but I was, so I worked with this girl who I used to like kinda like kinda talk to me. It's really weird. I'm going to say names, but I hope she doesn't listen to this if you are just no, no, no, no, no. Shout out. No, I think she's talking to someone else. No, but whatever. If I went to the floor, we went to this, I don't want to say to the city either. It's like it's around here somewhere. It was an abandoned lets just say to school and abandoned school. And it was to stories. We went inside and I was on the top floor and the whole floor is like, just like a Bestos really?

2 (33m 35s):

So you can't really see like any holes or cracks or anything or whatever, but you could see a little bit of indents look like it's raining kind of soggy soggy about this. So it's like, you know, like some floor, his like kind of like this week, I didn't think much of it. I was like, oh okay. Whatever, you know, like I'll just like, you know, make sure I step and like test it out. See if it's okay. Before I go. And it was cool. And I was like, all right, whatever. So I'm going in there and I only have a 20, 24 millimeter at this point, you know, I have to Canon and I liked to shoot really wide vertically, vertically horizontally. And, but I keep backing up. I keep backing it up into a wall. I'm on a second floor, literally my foot, my right foot steps back and just falls through the fucking roof.

2 (34m 25s):

Like it just boom. And like, I just, I was like, oh my God. And like the only way I saved myself, I'm not going down was like my back hitting like this, like would support beam like on the ground for some reason, like, it was really weird. So like my back foot went down, my left foot kinda went down and I was like, halfway down, I was doing this weird. Like, you know, those, those commercials was like help. I can't get up. It will be well with the lifeline. It looked like that. And then the girl comes in like, oh my God, are you okay? And I was like, yeah, I'm leaving like this, this go. And I just like left that room, dude.

2 (35m 6s):

We got to talk about the dangers of bandos to actually cause like

1 (35m 8s):

It's super important. It's not,

2 (35m 11s):

It's not at all. All I can say. Yeah, I can take you to the easy one over there and it's not safe at all. Like, so I've done those bandos and honestly I'm kind of like blanking out right now, but I've done also like some small banjos, like some small warehouses and all that type of stuff.

1 (35m 28s):

You went to that like original church on the Peter's church?

2 (35m 32s):

No, not the original church. Didn't go to them all on either. 'cause at this point I was going to making a name for myself and not to be me in, but allow to LA people don't give out addresses even though you're kind of established just to kind of how it is. So I never got in there. I've seen pictures of it, but it went down so rip to that. But I went to the second church and I put a work on their church. Now work isn't tagging are to destroy anything at all. But I just, I was so like, oh my God, I'm the only person in the world who has that photo where nothing crazy and whatever, you know, but like I had my friend, her name was Lydia reborn and I put a white cloth on her, you know what I mean? And I was like, oh, you know, just stand between his pews, you know, in the bag has like the whole like, like steep.

2 (36m 18s):

Well I guess you could say and all that type of stuff. And, and I took the picture, took a picture without her Photoshop, the legs out. And I called the holy spirit and as shit blew up to like two K likes to drink, like the reach was insane. And that's when, like I kinda established the name like this. Like people were like, oh, this guy he's, he's legit, you know on. So I went to that one too. I went there three times. The first two times were cool. When would Jake? Josh? I think and reborn, the third time I went with my homie, Tony shadow, Tony. And this was when like the pews were gone, like pews were gone. And before there was like fucking to in Spanish, we called the us in English.

2 (36m 59s):

It's tight. It's like, when they give you like to get tight to the church, they're all over the floor. So there was money. Like just like we found like a dollar or something. It was cool. But all that was gone because I guess they were going to like demolish and Wallace shade or like rebuild their to something. So we went there and we said peace rip to that. So he went to that church to, everyone's been to sunken city, you know? And there's a band on near the Korean bell friendship. Everyone knows about Vincent those to Hawthorne mall. We went, well, I haven't been with you yet. Know we've

1 (37m 32s):

Never been to one. We win one time. This security guard stopped off. He had

2 (37m 36s):

To literally literally 10 seconds

1 (37m 38s):

On the parking garage. He didn't even get in to the mall in the parking garage. That was so shitty. Dude. We were like trying to run and be like stealth. And he was like, Hey, we were like, well shit,

2 (37m 49s):

I've been here three times too. It was cool. I love

1 (37m 51s):

The Hawthorne mall, the hotter mall. And one of the hospitals in Los Angeles, my favorite places call

2 (37m 57s):

From all his cool once you're in, no one bothers you. The security guard, security guard. Here's the thing about me. They just do not, they just do not care. Like they're not going to go inside. Like if they do, then they care too much about their jobs and they should go fuck themselves. Like honestly, and I'm just trying to, that's being asked me being nice, like this, like once you're in and it's like a huge, like for people who are not in LA, like it's huge. Like it's just think of your mall, your to floor mall. No, not even to shop name. It's not even the windows of the shops. It's just, there's no railing. There's no railing. It's legit two escalators, right? That obviously don't work bunch of wood and the floors not even done. Like, it's just, I don't even know how this should have standing still.

2 (38m 37s):

Like it's crazy. It's just

1 (38m 39s):

Holes in the ceiling. Holes in the floor

2 (38m 41s):

And everyone was just everyone. There was cool. It was no like crack head. There was no crack

1 (38m 44s):

Head. It's just like, there's this teenagers smoking pot.

2 (38m 46s):

Yeah. This is like 12, 12 year old kids just like hanging out like, oh my God, I look a stick. And you're like, cool. Yeah, I'm in no danger whatsoever, but it's cool to just walk around. You could be there for like an hour or two. And I have taken some amazing pictures on there too. I did a trend photo. And after that everyone has started doing it. I was on the escalator and I just put my that's when, like when the feet pictures were

1 (39m 5s):

In your shoes, in this picture and I'm on top of this and one of those

2 (39m 9s):

Appreciating everyone and everyone stopped to me. Yeah. And I'd like to take a pic. Like I was on top of the escalator and I'm like sitting down, I take a picture of that. Like the whole, like whatever is the environment. It was cool, man. I just, this was like when I was doing banjos and I just want to like do trends and it hit, man. It really did hit. So I've done. I've done that mall too. I'm trying to remember more. Oh, that one with the couch, that one was just called us Lawson Bando. I remember that this Lawson couch Bando. That's what, that's what we called it. So that was that. And I would have to go into my Instagram to look for more of, but I've done more than like 50, a hundred banjos for sure.

2 (39m 50s):

Like, wow. Yeah. I mean, if you want to count, like to re trips. Yeah. It's just like, but here's the thing though, man. I need to get out of California dude. Cause like man, oh, San Francisco, I've been in San Francisco to, and I did banjos there. Have you done? What did you hit their point where he says,

1 (40m 8s):

Yeah, we did point re that's easy. Cause that's a tourist spot. So funny thing is I went to, I didn't know this isn't for everyone that doesn't nail point Reyes is like a shipwreck in San Francisco and it's literally a tourist spot. You can literally find it on Yelp. What's on Yelp. It has a review that has four stores.

2 (40m 28s):

This funny. This was like, I'm like, I went to my best friend, Matt. I'm like, all right, man, if I don't come back out, come look for me in 10, 15 minutes. And he's like, all right, whatever. I'm like, I'm sneaking in, you know? And there's a whole, there's a whole negate. And I'm like, oh, I have to show like sneak in there on crouch. I'm just like, okay. Like fucking, just like go through here, make this run for it. You know? And I don't really run for it to kinda like sprint, you know, walk fast. And then like I get to this entrance and outcomes, a mom and three kids doing it like a fucking like pageant shoe or whatever. And I was, yeah, but I look a douche bag. Like what, what, what did I just do snuck into abando that like, some mom would taking pictures of her kids. I was like, Jesus, this is serious.

2 (41m 10s):

Yeah. It's cool though. It's this big warehouse. It's a big, it's a big warehouse. And there was like a couple cars in there and like some tagging obviously. And there's like a little thing where you could go upstairs, like some stairs and a lot of type of stuff. And I still have some photos that I'm editing from that, but that was cool. And in digital, into the abandoned boats next door? No. Yeah. There's some abandoned bullets, like, okay. Point Ray, his right. Then you go to a water

1 (41m 35s):

Shipwreck. Just the one though. There's like one or

2 (41m 37s):

Two of them. When you can go on this. I went in there and I, and that's why I fucking to drop my phone and the whole fucking San Francisco birthday trip. I had no phone, but you can go on to those boats. And I just took some photos on there too. And I just put like a little, like a little like cost and pre pre pre set on it. And it was like, it was sick

1 (41m 57s):

Photography awards for like the point ready to ship wreck, photo taken. Yeah. I haven't seen those yet. I haven't

2 (42m 2s):

Seen your photos then we probably will. We weren't friends. Probably not. I

1 (42m 6s):

Went in like 20. When did I go to 2018? Oh no. Oh 20. I go to San Francisco. All right. I think it was 2018 in the summer.

2 (42m 18s):

I'm going to shut off biker backward. I go way back. I actually, to me, but yeah, so I've, I've done. Those band knows to, and obviously treasure island, you've done treasure island to write it to on treasure island. You know what it is? No, it's a legend in San Fran. They tore it down to about like, think of like us three, four stories, circular, Bando. Wow. And like, you can see the into, like if you're on top of you gets to the inside of me, it's just like a Coliseum type thing. But like super smaller, obviously like collect this cup. It was going to like, this would be like wider. Obviously. I'm like, yeah, it was sick. And I had this photo, I met this guy forgot his name. I think it was like team on me or something. So shout out to that guy, if he's still around or something, he S he showed me around or this picture was jumping and I had this like edited.

2 (43m 3s):

Are you a foal? Like on the top off, like, I was just want to do something with bandos, you know? And I went with moody and Jay shout out them. And yeah, I went with them and it was just like a crazy thing to go to San Francisco and for bandos and stuff.

1 (43m 24s):

What else have I done? Yeah. You got to get out of California for

2 (43m 28s):

Sure. I need to get out of Cali, man. Like there's some sick ass Bando is out there. Like, okay, I'm going to give a shout out to everyone. Who's in like the east coast, like Mississippi and Pittsburgh, Chicago, Illinois, and dude, you all have this sick, his band. I go to, to come to California shirt, but like our banjos compare to them are not like, no, there's nothing. You guys have jails and everything like, oh my God, you know what else? The Malibu Bando the band on. Have you been to that one in the, to the, to mansions around this area? And I've never been, so we should go. Those are sick. Those were so I don't even know they're hot. They're hot.

2 (44m 8s):

They're on the news. No, I'm good to that. No, one's gone really. Except for the crazy people, you know, who I actually saw there and I'm going to say rest in peace to her B word. Really? Yeah. I saw her. That was the first and last time I've ever made B where it's all I want to say. Shout out. Fantastic. 4 21. His name is sketchy Jones now, but, and B word, I forgot the other guy that he was John probably, but yeah, that was the first and last time I went there, I saw her, but yeah, that Malibu Bando was sick, man. It's just, I have so many memories on that one too. And the other one and yeah, I think that's pretty much it so far, but that I really remember.

1 (44m 48s):

So do you mostly find your spots by word of mouth?

2 (44m 52s):

And then at the beginning, I wasn't really impatient, mad kids. So like, I was like, why don't these people want to get me band to a locations? You know, like I fucking little fan to tear them down. So I used to have this thing on my own, you know, I could read, like, I don't want to say specifically, but I could read information on like how people edit their photos of like, where like the coordinates of where this much. So I would just be like, oh motherfucker, like, you don't want to tell me I got your photo right here. And I would just go, like, I would just go. Sometimes I have like a list of them, but I just didn't go. Cause I didn't really have a car at back in the day or excuse me, you know, friends to go with because the mountains are kind of like scary to go to so that no is long gone now.

2 (45m 37s):

But I used to do that. And then, and then when I got established was one more word of mouth and, and Hey, you know, let's go to this, let's go to their, we want to say cool. You know, also I forgot, but I'm going to salt an area. And there's also like a bunch of banjos there too. But

1 (45m 52s):

That's out in the middle of nowhere.

2 (45m 55s):

If you go in the middle of nowhere, chances are Bando. For sure. Yeah. For sure. So like, yeah. Word of mouth. And then now it's kinda like, people just kinda like say, Hey, have you been here? And it's just like, nah, man, you know, like I'm busy now, dude. But to you in the beginning it was just like, no one is going to tell me analysis. Like I just like, you want to give it to the Audi or not. Alright, cool. Cool. Yeah.

1 (46m 22s):

So for me, like the cool thing about abandoned buildings and like one of the most unique aspects of it for me is that it's one of the last places we have in this country slash in the world. Cause I explore internationally as well. You know, I explore

2 (46m 38s):

Everywhere. I'm so jealous, but there's,

1 (46m 41s):

It's like the one place where there's no nobody's watching you. There's no surveillance. No like there's no cameras. Like you're not being monitored by the government or anybody. No. Well only if there's, unless there's alarms

2 (46m 54s):

And that's where I kind of go back and I forgot to say that I also do this. Can I go back real quick? Yeah, I did this hospital, but I told you the story on this. Cause we did on our podcast or you did on my podcast mom's garage plan. Oh, thank you. Appreciate it. And yeah, we did it. I did a hospital to, and yeah, sure. There isn't any government interference, like they're watching you really, but take in mind, this was one of the dangers of bandos that there's like one at a 10, like that Banno probably has an alarm. Like if you're in Cali, if you're like in east coast, it's like three out of 10, two at a time. But like over here, it's like one at a 10.5 out of 10 and this one just had to have like three alarms dude.

2 (47m 37s):

And we should've just walked away while we had a chance because the alarm was already going off when we parked our car. So could, these are like these two tigers on the wall, like tagging already. We were like, what's that noise stopped? And we were like, oh, okay, whatever. We ended up paying this mall. And I was with like three, four guys. And it looks like Josh 20 to 77 dad and some other guy forgot. We get into it. We were walking around his band to like how they got in, how do we get in? You know, we had to go to this window and we got into that to the window, took about 20 minutes to find that entrance, go in to the window, to shoot a couple of things.

2 (48m 17s):

It was kind of boring really. And then we go to the, down to the first floor and I'm like second or third in the line following this guy. He goes <inaudible> and he just starts to, we all stop. And literally like two seconds later, all you hear his voice, like just like the alarm. And we're like, oh shit, we got to go. I get to see, we run all the way back up. And we get out of that window. We run to our car and we'd just wait. And when we just have to go off and we're like, oh no, Cops, that's cool. You know what I mean? This does go back again. And till we go on there again and we don't trip that alarm, we go somewhere else. And we go to this hallway, we all obviously trip to alarm again.

2 (48m 59s):

And owner, I was in the hallway taking a picture of the hallway. I was so scared out of my mind. I didn't want to, I did not want to leave that area. And so what happened was that there was to do was one hospital and there was a bridge that connected to the other part of the hospital. So I was on that part. My homie's went into the second part. I knew that John will come on. I was like, nah, I don't want to go. You know? And they tripped the alarm and I was like, oh shit. But literally 10 seconds later, the alarm stopped like to actual like alarm S not actual alarm, but the noise, because they want to say this, but they're not going to know who it is anyways, but <inaudible> hospital. But they took out the actual alarm that were making the noise and they cut the wires off.

2 (49m 43s):

Like they pulled them down and the wires slouched all three of them. And I was like, oh my God, you sons of bitches. Like, that's crazy. So we just, but the only the sound was off, but the actual alarm was still probably going. It's still going. This alarm has probably been going off five times over the past, like two hours.

1 (50m 2s):

So the people that are getting the notification are probably like, there's probably nothing. And there's probably a raccoon running around inside the fucking band or a cracker or something, whatever, you know, and we

2 (50m 12s):

Were doing our thing, you know, we were taking photos and is an amazing, like, it's just, it's sick, no surgical room to really know like crazy like surgery rooms, but it's sick. And then we get to the end, like the last, like literally like the last four minutes. And we're just walking around this hallway, we're walking this hallway, probably like 20 doors down. It's pretty deep, you know? And we're just chilling. You know, his, all four of us were just going into every room, looks the same, whatever. And how do I explain this? How do I explain this hallway? It's just imagine a hallway. It's brown because of the lighting inside or like orange and every S every side to Ryan Love side has 10 doors on each, maybe 20, whatever, where we're walking, we're opening each store or whatever, blah, blah, blah.

2 (50m 59s):

And we hear footsteps that are really loud, like, and loud, and it's not ours. So we stop walking and we look at each other and there's someone walking. We're like, oh fuck. You know, and the hairs on my back are like, Ray's like goosebumps and it's a cop. And he all, he here, all I all, I literally hear his, his, whatever, something city PD I get on the floor right now, blah, blah, blah, like surrender. And we S we looked at each other and like, telepathically, like we said, the words on, you know, that song and we just booked it down the fucking hallway. Like, like, if I can just go, we'll go home and go to dinner a little bit, a little bit about the cops.

2 (51m 41s):

You know what I mean? And we got to this and we got to the S and end, w which should have been an exit, like push this exit alarm will sound, it was chained up taped. Like there's no way there was literally no way you can not get through that. The door on our left was also the same thing. You cannot go in to do on our right then to have anything. It just, we, I literally read push here for me. And I just kicked that shit open. Like I just kicked it open. Like I do not care right now. And we went to this room and the other exit door, it was pretty dark, but the other exit door for that room was like blue laminated tape or some shit. I didn't care. I just kicked that shit to me. I didn't kick out to like, hold bulldozer. That shit down.

2 (52m 22s):

We ended up in this back lot, like parking lot. And, and our next, like, our next thing is like, oh, now there's eight, nine foot gates that curve inside. So you can't even like,

1 (52m 33s):

Jump out these black pole gates.

2 (52m 35s):

You can't even climb. You can't, you can't do anything. And we're looking around. I'm like, oh, shit, shit. They get close to the fucking gate. And I looked back to the entrance of where we entered and there's two or three squad cars. Like, not just like the little Dodgers, like actual like sedans, like the four door, you know, like maybe K9, I don't know. But like, and I was like, oh my God, I'm going to die here. Like this, this, this is like, where my career and this new, I go to jail. I am done. And I found this whole, like this, these two bars won was like, just slammed it to the right a little bit. So I was like, someon